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7. Outdoor 3D-tournament Mühlheim

The tournament of the archery academy in Mülheim (Ruhr) took place under the management of Maik Schrake for the seventh time. I participated at this event for the third time in a row and I looked forward to it for a very long time. After I had confidently  announced my win in the women’s class last year I had to go for it. The sun was shining early in the morning and it promised to be a lovely tournament. The location of the pacours in Mülheim (Ruhr) was beautiful.

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Maik‘s team chose the right places to integrate the 3D Targets in the parc as every year. A special thing in Mülheim is that everyone who is interested in archery can watch the tournament from near footpathes. The distances were temperately determined by the WA. This leads to a great view to shooters and targets. Due to the fact that I shoot meanwhile most of my time with my olympic recurve bow I had to get used to my traditional TRB bow. One can see that in my results after the first scandinavian session (3 arrows). With my 245 rings I found myself at the fourth place. The first one had 50 rings more at this time. After lunch we started the Hunter-Round. Those people who know me, know that this is my favorite discipline. During the day I improved working with my technique, but has it been enough? After we finished the second round with 23 georgious 3D targets made by „ASEN Sports“ we had to wait for the results. After 30 minutes they hang out the results and I was absolutely happy because I saw my name at the top of the women’s list. I pushed my results with 310 rings in the Hunter-Round and took a beautiful otter home with me for our home training parcours.

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As we drove home wistfully we thouhgt about the fact that this was the last tournament with my TRB for a very long time.




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